Tandem skydiving is an unforgettable and exciting adventure that allows you to experience the amazing sensations of freefall from a great height under the careful supervision of an experienced instructor. The whole process of skydiving has been thought out in detail to ensure maximum safety and fun for all participants. Let's take a look at what the path to this unforgettable experience looks like.

Preparation and briefing
Your adventure begins as soon as you arrive at the airport, where you will receive an initial briefing from our experienced instructor. At this stage, you will learn everything important about the jump techniques, the equipment you will be using and important safety protocols. The instructor will also explain in detail how to work together effectively throughout the jump and what you can expect.

Before the actual jump, you will be equipped with all the necessary equipment, which includes not only jump suits, but also goggles and a special harness system. This clamping system is essential to securely attach you to your experienced tandem pilot. Our expert teams will make sure that all equipment is perfectly tailored to not only your body type, but also any specific requirements to ensure maximum comfort and safety throughout the experience.

It is important to note that the tandem jump is also accessible for people with disabilities. Thanks to our professional approach and top quality equipment we can offer an unforgettable experience to everyone.

You will then board our specially modified PAC 750XL aircraft, which will safely transport you to the altitude required for your jump.

And just for the record, the PAC 750XL, fully known as the Pacific Aerospace PAC 750XL, is a single-engine turboprop aircraft designed and manufactured by Pacific Aerospace of New Zealand. This aircraft is unique in its ability to combine a high payload with exceptional short take-off and landing capability, making it ideal for operation in challenging conditions and on short or unpaved runways.

The maximum cruise speed of the aircraft is approximately 237 knots (439 km/h). Its climb rate is also impressive, being able to reach an altitude of 10,000 feet (3,048 metres) in less than 6 minutes.

Ascent to jump height
As the plane begins to pull away from the runway and we gradually get to higher and higher altitudes, the atmosphere in the plane is increasingly tense, but at the same time full of anticipation. Each of the tandem jump participants is experiencing their own feelings, from nervousness to excitement for the adventure ahead. It is a moment when we realise the smallness of human existence compared to the vastness of nature.

At this point, approximately 10 minutes after take-off, when the aircraft reaches an operational altitude of around 4 000 metres, the final preparations for the jump begin.

The instructor, who will be your companion throughout the tandem jump, will address you with final instructions. His voice is calm but firm to emphasise the seriousness of the situation and to make sure that you have understood all the instructions correctly. He will carefully strap you in with a special tandem harness to ensure that you remain firmly connected during the jump. He will check every strap, buckle and other pieces of equipment to make sure everything is in perfect order and ready for the jump.

Jump from the plane
The moment before jumping out of the plane is filled with an incredible mix of emotions. With every step you take towards the open door of the plane, your heart starts to beat louder, almost as if it wants to escape from your chest.

Your hands shake slightly, but at the same time you feel the excitement and desire for the adrenaline rush that awaits you. As you stand on the edge, everything around you suddenly seems incredibly alive - the noise of the engines, the wind, the distances stretching out below you.

Free fall
And then comes that moment when you dare to take that decisive step into the void. Your body is engulfed in freefall and you are hurtling through the air at speeds of over 200km/h that seem incredible. The world around you turns into a blur of colours and you feel the adrenaline pumping through your veins. This feeling of freedom, where you are at the mercy of gravity, is unrepeatable and fills you with euphoria and a sense of infinite freedom.

Opening the parachute
When time seems to lose its meaning and you are absorbed in the moment, the parachute opens. The sudden deceleration is like hitting a soft cushion, and you find yourself gliding serenely over the ground. The sound of the wind in your ears subsides and you can fully indulge in the magnificent views that stretch out below you. Green forests, blue lakes, rivers meandering through the countryside and small villages with tiled roofs all come alive before you in a magnificent panorama.


Landing then comes as a gentle touch on reality. After the last few moments of gliding over the ground, the paraglider pilot will guide you to a safe and gentle landing. You stand firmly on the ground, but your mind is still up there, among the clouds.

All the emotions, excitement and beauty you have experienced blend into a single moment of joy and relief. Your tandem skydiving adventure is over, but the memories will live on in you forever.

The whole process is under the careful supervision and guidance of our experienced instructor, which ensures not only maximum safety, but also the comfort of all participants.

Tandem jump will bring you not only adrenaline, but also unforgettable memories that you will be happy to share with others.

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