TANDEM JUMP FROM 4000 meters

Beautiful view during the flight that is aiming for a 4 000 meters altitude, amazing feeling at the moment of exiting the plane, adrenalin rising during reaching the terminal velocity of 200 km/h, the beauty of the free fall with the freedom of birds in the clouds lasting 60 seconds, shivers during parachute opening, gliding on the parachute and finally soft and smooth landing on the firm ground. Those are Tandem parachute jumps provided by Sky Walkers. 

The tandem jumps are the easiest way to experience what you were only dreaming about and didn't know how to realize your ''crazy'' fantasies! You don't need any special training or medical checks. We will give you a brief instruction session for the tandem jump and after that, you will experience the same as an experienced parachutist. 

Everyone who ever tried the Tandem jump will confirm to You, that it really is a specific experience, you will want to have again. Flying through the air and feeling the airflow, seeing the world from the bird's perspective, and really feeling the strength of the Earth's gravitation is something worth trying. The tandem jumps can be amazing gifts, that will last forever as they really are something unforgettable. 

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