DROP ZONE SKYWALKERS, this is a professional background for SPORTS PARACHUTORS at MOST airport

We are a professional skydiving training centre in North Bohemia at Most Airport. We use a PAC 750 XL turbo-prop parachute aircraft for 17 sport parachutists for jumps from altitudes up to 6000m, normal operation jumps from 4000m and 1500m. Skydiving from 6000m dates only on individual request with sufficient number of interested persons.

If you are coming to us for the first time you need to register at the sports manifest, which is located next to the tandem reception on the left side of the airport Most.

We will explain everything to you on the spot and we will take care of you so that you are at ease from the start and can enjoy a wonderful day.

We use an electronic booking system for bookings for individual drops. Therefore, you must carefully complete and submit the registration form, which is necessary to enter your person into our system.

Afterwards, all necessary documents will be checked, your own parachute will be checked and you will receive initial safety training on how to behave at the DZ Most drop zone.

And then all you have to do is enjoy jumping with us! If you don't know anything or have any doubts, don't be afraid to ask our instructors or STAFF at any time. Nobody learned from the sky, so no stress, we will be happy and willing to help you with everything.

Be sure to read our TEN PARACHUTES, they will tell you a lot

Jak se k nám dostanete zde


1. A valid sport parachute license
2. A valid medical examination from an aviation doctor (LIST OF AEROSPACE DOCTORS)
3. Valid packing of the reserve parachute and technical certificates of the parachute set and apparatus
4. Inspection of your parachute kit
5. Completed and signed REGISTRATION FORM

Customers who are going to ZV, IAFF, AFF training and do not yet have a sport license must present a valid medical at registration.

And if he/she has one, a physical voucher for the training.

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