Our skydiving school offers a wide range of parachutes for training and instruction, covering the needs of beginners and more advanced skydivers. School equipment includes parachutes of various sizes, from 280 sqf (square feet) to smaller 200 sqf parachutes. Most of our parachutes are Navigator type parachutes from Performance Designs, Inc. that are known for their reliability and safety.

For those working towards their B and C license, we have 190 sqf, 170 sqf, 150 sqf, and even a few 130 sqf parachutes available. These parachute sizes are ideal for skydivers who are just starting out and want to gradually learn to control their parachute with more confidence and safety, without having to invest in their own equipment right at the beginning of their skydiving career.

In addition to parachutes, we also provide other necessary equipment for a safe jump. Included in the rental fee is the rental of an altimeter, which allows skydivers to monitor their current altitude during the jump. We also offer acoustic annunciators that warn the skydiver before reaching the critical height for opening the parachute. Helmets and jumpsuits are also available for parachutists to use for protection and comfort.

Overall, our skydiving school places great emphasis on the safety and comfort of our clients. By providing quality and well-maintained equipment, we strive to ensure that each of our skydivers have an enjoyable and safe experience during their training and skydiving sessions.


  • Team rooms for organizing camps Two team rooms are equipped with large screens for evaluation and preparation of jumps.
  • Sports Manifest - Parachutists registered for operation are written into the drop room according to their requirements and the occupancy of the drop room, so that they perform the required number of jumps per day. Skydives are paid for at the end of the day, weekend or camp in cash or there is the option to pay by card.
  • Indoor packing house - allows skydivers to pack parachutes in the shade and lee, or use the packing house services according to a set price list. Packing is paid at the manifest along with the tickets at the end of the day.
  • The airport restaurant is open every day of operation and offers meals from breakfast to dinner. It is possible to order a menu in advance to suit your requirements.
  • Airport hostel - there is a hostel of the Aero Club Most at the airport. For larger groups of more than 5 you need to book in advance.
  • Camping or caravan parking is possible at the car park there is a caravan socket, operator Aeroklub Most , also payable as accommodation at the Aeroklub reception.

If you have any questions regarding sport parachuting and parachute training, please contact us via the contact form or by phone +420 603 538 863 (Ing. Jan Klapka).

We will be happy to deal with you individually.

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