Comprehensive parachute training    Price
AFF training (1-7 level)   45.000 Kč

Comprehensive AFF training to achieve A licence

   70.000 Kč
IAFF solo jump from 4000 metres    9.900 Kč
Price breakdown for AFF training    
Tunnel 20 minutes   8.000 Kč
1. level AFF   9.000 Kč
2-3. level AFF   8.000 Kč
4-7. level AFF   5.000 Kč

Basic parachute training (rope)     
Basic 1500 m rope course (3 jumps) 8.500 Kč
Basic 1500 m rope course (1 jump)  4.800 Kč
Subsequent jumps on the rope   2.000 Kč

Price list of tickets     
4000m sport jump  950 Kč
1500m sport jump  700 Kč
6000m sport jump  1.900 Kč
4000 m sport jump (with rig A-B) 1.500 Kč
1500 m sport jump (with rig A-B) 1.250 Kč

Discount packages on airline tickets    Price per jump 
25 jumps A-B licence   902 Kč22.562 Kč
25 jumps A-B licence (with parachute rental)   1.380 Kč34.500 Kč
50 jumps (tickets)   874 Kč43.700 Kč
100 jumps (tickets)   855 Kč85.500 Kč

Individual services     
Instructor for Ž-A (for the whole day)   200 Kč
Sports parachute packaging  150 Kč
Tandem parachute packaging   230 Kč
Test jump for A and B licences 4.000 Kč
Commercial tandem jump AFF  1.100 Kč
Individual coaching (team/day)  5.000 Kč

If you have any questions regarding sport parachuting and parachute training, please contact us via the contact form or by phone +420 603 538 863 (Ing. Jan Klapka).

We will be happy to deal with you individually.

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