For more information on how such a course is run, please see the Basic Training section. Skydiving from 1500m is the easiest and cheapest way to skydiving.

For more information on how such courses are run and how they differ from each other, see the IAFF and AFF section. The big advantage of these courses is the huge progression of your skills and the fact that you jump straight from 4000m.


  • Obtaining an A license - our AFF students are eligible to complete the A license curriculum, including parachute packing courses
  • Parachute packing courses are conducted irregularly according to student requirements, but at least twice per season. In order to meet the requirements for the A license, there is always at least one AFF instructor on site to supervise and help complete the curriculum up to 25 jumps. Once the conditions have been met they will issue a licence application to UCL.

To meet the B and C category requirements, the school is equipped with a parachute rental facility and instructors to complete the skills for these categories.

For A and B licensed skydivers who arrive without their instructor, there is always an instructor on site to attend to you. (Tomáš Beroušek, Jan Klapka, Honza Habětín, Martina Vaváčková)

Under the guidance of experienced Canopy pilots (Mark Rahbani, Honza Roub, Zbyněk Živný) we organize regular weekend courses (see. calendar), where you can learn the basic principles of parachute control and safe landing in all weather conditions, as well as advanced maneuvers on parachutes with heavier loads. The courses are mainly designed for beginner skydivers to improve the skills already acquired.

Courses start on Friday afternoon with a theory jump. The instructor will assign tasks according to your skill level and parachute size. Saturday and Sunday are dedicated to practical jumps from 1500 meters. All landings are recorded and the mistakes and progress of each participant are discussed. Between 5 and 6 jumps are made daily.

Under the guidance of experienced instructors (Martina Vaváčková, Jan "Gejza" Klapka, Václav Prokeš) you can learn the basic skills for group jumps in the breast position. The course is conducted according to the level of individual participants and according to the skill requirements. Focusing on large formations - solo jumps, finishing a formation, working in a formation, safe break-ups and the principles of safe parachuting in a large group.
Focus on FS - group jumps (FS2, FS3, FS4), working together in freefall, safe break-ups and openings. Paragliding and safe landing principles in a group.

Every year one round of the Czech FS4 Cup is organized at DZ Most SKYWALKERS in Most. It is a competition of four-person teams. Also every year we organize Scramble Most - a competition in the same discipline FS4, but the composition of the teams is drawn from the registered competitors. An ideal opportunity for skydivers who don't have a team but would like to try competing, or for experienced quad jumpers to pass on their wealth of experience.

DZ Most SKYWALKERS has repeatedly organized and is ready to organize competitions at the level of the Czech National Championships in the FS4 discipline and every year asks for organization.

Organizing camps for external coaches and instructors. Terms and conditions for groups will be sent on request by email to or phone +420 603 538 863 Jan "Gejza" Klapka

If you have any indiovidual questions, suggestions, requests or comments, please contact us via the above email or phone number.

And remember, whether you are a beginner or an experienced matador, we would love to see you at our DZ. And if you're coming for the first time, don't forget to register. To find out how to register, and where to find us, visit the DROP ZONE SHOWS section.

If you have any questions regarding sport parachuting and parachute training, please contact us via the contact form or by phone +420 603 538 863 (Ing. Jan Klapka).

We will be happy to deal with you individually.

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