TEN PARASCHUTISTS that we honour in our country.

  1. I feel healthy and in good spirits to handle the jump and I am not under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicants.
  2. I have a valid parachute license, medical exam, valid back-up pack and insurance, and am listed on the planning chart.
  3. I have checked my parachute and gear including altimeter and sounder and have my rescue device on. The equipment for the jump corresponds to my abilities, the category obtained and the type of jump performed.
  4. I have prepared the jump in advance - before boarding the aircraft I know who and what I will be jumping with, how we will jump and at what altitude we will be separating, and:
    • I know the direction of attack and the order of jump
    • I know the direction of landing and the direction of the last turn before landing
    • I will check all releases before jumping out of the aircraft
  5. During freefall I keep an eye on other skydivers and do not perform dangerous manoeuvres.
  6. Before opening the parachute, I separate myself sufficiently from the other parachutists and open the parachute in free space.
  7. I open the parachute so that it is safely open at least 600 metres above the ground.
  8. I behave on the parachute in such a way as to be visible to others and not to create a dangerous situation, I observe the landing site.
  9. After landing, I follow the other parachutists in the landing party so as not to cross their route when walking to the packing station.
  10. I pay maximum attention to packing the parachute or use the services of the packing station.


1. A valid sport parachute license
2. A valid medical examination from an aviation doctor (LIST OF AEROSPACE DOCTORS)
3. Valid packing of the reserve parachute and technical certificates of the parachute set and apparatus
4. Inspection of your parachute kit
5. Completed and signed REGISTRATION FORM

Customers who are going to ZV, IAFF, AFF training and do not yet have a sport license must present a valid medical at registration.

And if he/she has one, a physical voucher for the training.

If you have any questions regarding sport parachuting and parachute training, please contact us via the contact form or by phone +420 603 538 863 (Ing. Jan Klapka).

We will be happy to deal with you individually.

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